Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tomb of Horrors Part 9

You've all been patiently waiting, so here is part 9 of Tomb of Horrors.

So we had just defeated the Mummy Lord and were itching to move on.  My brother Travis is visiting from out of town, and wanted to play.  So we had Jenna's new character Thalin, a wizard, teleport in with him, Gruk-Gruk, a half-orc barbarian.  We went to the next crypt and once opened saw this:
As soon as Aegon entered however, the swords shot off of the wall and started attacking him, quickly knocking him unconscious.    Luckily, he was only five feet into the room, so I was able to grab him and pull him out without getting attacked myself.  Arkhan moved up and used his healing aura to bring him back to consciousness.  We investigated the last crypt and didn't find anything inside.

I cast Detect Magic and saw an aura up in the corner of the room.  Aegon crawled up and saw a face statue similar to the one in the first hallway, only this one was bluish.
Aegon climbed closer to it and saw that there was some sort of effect was causing him to get sucked toward the open mouth, so he tried to avoid it.  He unfortunately failed and was sucked into the mouth.  We called after him, but heard no reply.

We then had Sainrith summon up his army of invisible servants and had it explore the room with the swords.  Since the servants are only harmed by area of effect spells, we figured the swords wouldn't do anything.  At the end of the hallway, we had him open the door, only to reveal that it opened to darkness.  Well, we decided that the best course of action was to destroy the swords that attacked in that room, so we had Thalin fireball the room.  Once we did that though, we heard Aegon scream in pain from the other side.  Apparently, he got sucked into the darkness room.

Arkhan got the idea to have his acid aura up (does damage to attackers) and let Gruk-Gruk go into the room to soak up damage and destroy any remaining swords.  Theo joined in and Arkhan himself agreed to go into the room.  So while all the weapons were hacking away at those three, Aegon ran out of the dark room and joined us.  The others, since Aegon was safe now, decided to abandon the plan and left the room.  Inside the room, Aegon found a sack with holes in it, a potion, and a flail with writing on it.  I cast Comprehend Languages and saw that it said "Shatterskull" on it.

We decided to finally go explore the hallway out and Aegon found that the crown didn't want to leave the vicinity of the throne room.  So he unfortunately had to leave his crown behind.  It was also about this time that our DM remembered that he forgot to give us a key that we should have found back in the vats of the mummy preparation room when we explored them.

Stepping into the new room, we were greeted with this:

Aegon tried to pick up the key on the steps there, but he immediately dropped it and said that the key was worthless.  I moved up and grabbed the key, and succeeded on my will save.  Gaudric cast detect magic and saw that the key was magical as well, so I decided to keep it.

Aegon went up to the door and tried to use the silver end of the scepter, and nothing happened.  I moved up and tried my new key and got shocked.  Aegon then tried the gold end of the scepter and the door opened right up.

Inside the next room we saw not one, not two, not even three but four iron men statues!  And thinking back to the poem, those iron men statues do more then meet the eye.  Kind of like this iron man:

Well, these iron men didn't look anything like that though...more like this:
So, expecting those statues to come to life and kick our asses, we decided to actually prepare for combat for once rather then just running into the room as quickly as possible.  I put up my party defense spells, as well as other casters prepping up.  Finally, all ready, we go to enter the room, and promptly discover thanks to our everburning torch going out that the room has an anti-magic effect.

Oh well.  We start exploring.  The room has basically the statues, an urn, the sarcophagus and two chests.  We explored the sarcophagus, but found it to pretty much be a stone sarcophagus and looked like some of the gilding on it had already been stripped away. 

Aegon then explored one of the chests and after opening it he found it teeming with precious jewels!  He quickly closed the lid however and said we didn't want to go near that chest.  I asked why and he said it was full of undead evil things.  To which Theo and I both jumped up with our holy symbols and were all, "Let's do this!"  So he opened the chest and we saw the gleaming gems sitting in the chest.  Bad rogue...bad rogue.

So he opened up the next chest and saw that there was nothing inside of it.  It was about this time that one of the roommates of the house pulled cake out of the refrigerator and the game was called on account of cake.  Delicious, delicious cake.  So come back next week, when I should be posting up the last of our adventure in the Tomb of Horrors!

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