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Monday, March 5, 2012

Timeline for the world of Therotan

So I've been working on a home-brew world for Dungeons and Dragons.  I'm hoping to eventually try to get it published, but for now I'm just running it for my tabletop game.  But I have put together a rough time-line for the history of the world.

Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft of the time-line, I may be changing or filling in more information as time goes on.  For now though, this is a pretty good idea of what I'm going for in my world.  All the stories that I've put up here about individual characters are set in this world, usually taking place in the timeline during the most recent era, Broodan.

Also included is a map of my world, with the current set up of countries and nations.  I know I don't get a lot of comments on here, but I am going to say that any comments (critical or otherwise) would be immensely helpful as I'm working on this project currently and would like to see it come through to fruition.  So please, leave a comment and enjoy!

Time Line for Therotan

Before time-0 – Creation of Gods, Time and the World of Therotan. Before the gods were created there was only Mendel, The Goddess of Law and Order, and Mammon, the God of Chaos. From their coupling sprang forth a universe. It was empty at first, but slowly over time began to fill itself with worlds. Therotan is one of those.

0-1000 – As life began to spring forth, so to did the gods. The initial pantheon consists of Mithrious, Centellia, Quorien, Balthus, Bahamut, Karkaren and Malorn. Bahamut and Karkaren loved the planet Therotan and delved deep underground immediately. Balthus was content to wander the surface of the world and bring forth life through his power over nature. Malorn created a shadowy realm that mirrored the world of Therotan, and their created shadowy creatures. Over time, this became known as the Plane of Shadows. Quorien, the Ever-Enigmatic, withdrew to his own plane and there studied the mysteries of the realm of magic he had been given dominion over. Mithrious and Centellia lived together in a golden palace and loved each other deeply. Through that love, many other lesser gods and goddess began to spring forth on the planet. The pantheon grew to include Mixyl, Kianvel, Cargus, Kiran and Borscha. All but Mixyl rebelled against their mothers desire to love and care for the planet. They tricked Malorn into teaching them dark and hidden powers and began to try to destroy their uncle Balthus' creations. To combat this, Quorien asked permission to release a race he had been crafting onto the planet. Centellia, Mithrious and Balthus agreed. The Titans are first sentient life-forms created on the planet. They are powerful magic users and create a balance to the horrific creatures that the evil lesser gods had created. After they had learned to control or defeated the other monsters, they disappeared from the world in their massive cities that float in the skies above the clouds.

200 – Quorien's realm transforms into the Realm of the Fey. Grendel is the only lesser god that owes allegiance to Quorien. The Fey create a massive kingdom and live in harmony until Cargus snuck in and created the evil fey races.

1000 – With the power of their evil children checked by Quorien's Titans, Centellia and Mithrious decide to create the Elven (Sindala) and Human (Akari) races. The two goddesses intend for them to live together in harmony, but they find the lesser races refuse and go their separate ways. They initially have no magical abilities and mostly build small family communities. The humans settle mostly near the warm southern coasts and the elves stay in the massive forests that span the continent.

1500 – First Dragons hatched by Bahamut and Karkaren. They create large cities in the Northern mountain ranges and watch the human and elves as they create their communities and slowly evolve over time.

2000 – Dwarves and Halflings created by the dragons, but both are considered a failure. Despite this, they thrive and become established cultures. The Dwarves stay in the mountains, but the halflings migrate down to the south where they live with the elves in the forests. Kobolds are also created around this time and considered a success. They are given high status within the dragon cities as servants and caretakers of eggs.

2050 – Birth of Tiarog (God of Dwarves) and Halvestar (Goddess of Halflings) by the worship of their respective people. They are welcomed into the pantheon with little issue.

3000 – The Titans return to the surface of Nialtier from the sky. They enslave most of the races, teaching magic to the elves and a few select tribes of humans. This creates the Melifsheer (Magi) race amongst the humans. Beginning of the Titanic Age. The non-magic human slaves continue to be known as the Akari.

3000-5998 – Reign of the Titans (1 RT - 2998 RT)

4000 – Dragons ally themselves with the Titans and learn much arcane and eldritch lore from them.

5600 – Melifsheer ally with the Sindala, Dwarves and Akari to wage a war for freedom from the Titans.

5900 – Dragons withdraw their support from the Titans.

5998 – War ends, the Titans are defeated and lose much of their arcane secrets. Over the centuries, they end up forming the modern day races of Giant, and never again reach the same level of power.

6000 – Melifsheer and the Sindala establish the Reign of the Magi. There is a rigid caste system, with the Akari acting pretty much as slaves again. They attempt to enslave the Dwarven races, but the Dwarves foresaw this possibility, so they withdrew deep into their underground fortresses and the surface ignored them. During this time, they built massive underground cities under the northern mountain ranges. The Melifsheer and the Sindala take over the floating sky cities of the Titans as their own, letting the Akari live on the surface in small slave settlements.

6000-8000 – Reign of the Magi (1-2000 RM)

6000-8000 – Numerous monstrous races are created by the Melifsheer and the Cyclops during their time of power.

6500 – Melifsheer accidentally rupture the veil between the Material Plane and the Plane of the Fey. This releases many fey creatures into the world, both good and evil, as well as introducing the Gnome races.

6550 – Creation of Grendel (God of the Fey and Gnomes) on the Material Plane.

6600 – Dragons decide to ally with the Melifsheer and the Sindala and begin a golden age for magic. Astounding artifacts of great power are created in this time.

6650 – Out of the Deathroot Swamps, the Cyclopean kingdom rises to power. They worship ancient gods of chaos and magic. Melifsheer and Sindala decide to ally themselves with this new race of power. The Dragons caution against this, but are ignored.

6700 – Demothrax, the Lich Baron, rises in power and attempts to destroy the Melifsheer with an undead army.

6800 – The War of the Walking Dead ends. Demothrax is stopped by the leadership and heroic efforts of Mortannin, a human male Paladin of Mithrious and Arian, a female Melifsheer Wizard.

6823 – The Betrayal of the Demon King. A council leader named Kander becomes a puppet for Ragnor the Demon King. Kander comes deep into their council and uses it to cause chaos and destruction as he attempts to wrest power from the rightful king.

6823-7000 – Demon King War rages. Many dark and evil creatures released from dark planes by Kander and Ragnor as soldiers in their army. War ends once Kander is slain in battle and Ragnor banished back to Hell.

7050 – Unable to keep Akari slaves alive in their swamp kingdom, the Cyclops turn to dark arcane rituals to create a new race. Corrupting ancient techniques that the Dragons used to create the dwarves and halflings, they end up creating Orc and goblinoid races.

7185 – Orcs and goblinoids revolt and become a free people by a brief war and run away to hide in the swamps. Here, some orc tribes decided to continue moving north to completely escape the influence of their evil creators. Others decide to stay and make dark pacts with demons and devils to keep their freedom. The goblinoid tribes all agreed to serve the dark powers. These pacts however cause them to devolve into a violent race of savages. One particularly powerful Orc named Aulshta and a goblin named Ubelport ascend into the pantheon as deities. They are treated as untrustworthy by most of the higher gods due to the infernal taint on their souls, but Cargus, Kiran and Borscha welcome them and teach them their dark secrets and evil ways.

7190 – Orcs that remained in the swamp begin to move out onto the rest of the continent, attacking Akari settlements and attempting to gain control. This is the first, but not the last, Orc War. Many follow, though none are successful for long.

7200 – Arresti, the Akari Thief King, rises to power in the south lands and establishes his own free kingdom there.

7500 – Decline of the Melifsheer. Many centuries of inbreeding has begun to leave the magical talent weak.

7584 – One of the council members marries an Akari and produces a son, Allobern Marres. He is the first sorcerer born in the world and has massive magical talent. He rules on the council briefly after his fathers death, but is quickly betrayed and banished from the land by the rest of the Council of Magi. He disappears from time and history at this point and isn't heard from again.

7600 – Beginning of the War of Magic. It lasts for 400 years and causes a cataclysmic change to the world.

7954 - Creation of Dragon Orbs to attempt to destroy the Dragon Kings. They are successful and begins the turning point of the war in favor of the Melifsheer and their allies.

8000 – End of the war, but at a great cost. The floating cities of the Magi crash into the surface of the planet and cause a massive cataclysm. This shifts the continents and creates some new ones. This also causes a change in the ecosystem of the main continent. The Cyclops kingdom is completely eradicated, as Ragnor takes advantage of the chaos and influences his faithful orc tribes to wage war against them. Upheaval of the continent causes many cities and cultures to be buried beneath the earth. Death and destruction on a massive scale.

8158 – First human settlements begin to form after the Cataclysm. This begins the combining of the Melifsheer and the Akari races into the modern human race, and the split of the Sindala elves into the southern Lacula and northern High Elves. Also, a few Melifsheer and Sindala split off to the island of Salin-Ro. This begins the modern dating system of After the Fall (AF).

8158-9995 – Modern Era. (1 AF – 1837 AF)

8160 – High elves establish their forest kingdom of Lefambas.

8170 – Orcs rise out of the swamps to attempt to take over the human settlements. Elves ally with the humans and drive them back. This is the beginning of a struggle for land and resources between the Orcs and the other races of the world that continues to this day in some areas.

8200 – Humans begin to create several small kingdoms. The largest is in the center of the continent, led by a human warrior named Korin Marrentrask. By this time, magic has become a natural part of humanity, and anyone can become a wizard if they display aptitude. Also sorcerers are more prevalent, though none are as powerful as Allobern. However, no magic users left are anywhere close to as powerful as the Melifsheer were.

8220 – Lacula elves solidify and create their capital in the woods that become known as the Lacula Wilds.

8300 – First war between Elves and Humans as the humans attempt to expand into the northern forests. The war ends after diplomacy takes effect and the humans agree to settle the largely uninhabited Akari Coastline.

8329 – Halflings settle the northern border of the human lands and create a buffer between the humans and elves. This land is excellent farmlands and they begin to create large farms and ranches.

8400 – Humans and Elves are contacted by the Dwarves for the first time time since they went underground. The Dwarves are quick to establish a trading empire through the mountains and become an economic powerhouse. Through the Dwarves, contact with the Frozen Wastes is established.

8427 – Contact re-established with the Southern Kingdom of Duchov beyond the southern mountain ranges.

8500 – Modern Kingdoms and lines of power are established.

8729 – On the Akari Coast, almost all monstrous races have died out. Nothing but myth and legend soon follow.

9000 – High Elves begin to become more reclusive and stop venturing out beyond their forest borders.

9254 – Undead begin plaguing the lands near the Deathroot Swamps. Demothrax returns as a Demi-Lich and attempts to wipe out all races with a new undead army. He manages to take over a sizable portion of the continent before his progress is halted. While he holds power, he contacts Ragnor and begins to built a gate to bring him back into this material plane.

9528 – The Church of Mithrious sends out an expedition led by its most powerful paladin, Grigby Arrensmith. He manages to finally cast down Demothrax, but at the cost of his own life. The swamp's corruption recedes back and a shrine to Mithrious, as well as a statue to Grigby is erected at the site. The gate of Ragnor is not discovered, but its construction is halted for now.

9600 – The Mad King Oliver Brannigan inherits the throne and almost destroys the central kingdoms with his insane edicts.

9649 – The Mad King dies with no heir and the central kingdoms are thrown into chaos.

9657 – Central Kingdom reborn under the iron fist of General Kanton Drisbern. He creates a military state and rules until his death.

9700 – Kanton's son Darren takes over after his fathers death. He re-establishes the monarchy and proclaims himself King Darren Drisbern the First.

9721 – Mithral and Adamantium is discovered in the mines of the Tomtah Valley. This creates the first competition against the Dwarven stranglehold on the minerals.

9766 – First official wizard academy formed in the central kingdoms, The Phoenix Academy. Allows any applicants of any race as long as they show arcane aptitude. Considered second only to the Academy on the Island of Salin-Ro.

9800 – The Cataclysm of the Magi barely remembered as myths and legends. Only lore-masters and scholars remember the history of the races. Most regard tales of dragons and certain monsters as legends or stories told to scare children.

9972 – Collapse of central kingdoms, again because of no direct heir.

9995 – Rise of a young wizard named Castor Broodan. He quickly rises in power and takes control of the central kingdoms forming what he refers to as the Broodan Empire. He even destroys the old calendar and forms a new one based off of his Empire (1 Broodan Empire BE).

9996 – Nights of Lightning, rise of the cult of Maltier, the nation of Terralt renamed the Holy Cities of Maltier, the destruction of the Church of Mithrious.

9997 – Broodan establishes the official church of the humans as the church of Maltier. Mithrious is declared illegal to worship under imperial rule.

9998 – Broodan declares war against all non-humans, takes over Lacula Wilds and begins siege against the southern kingdom of Duchov.

9999 – Uneasy truce declared between the south and the High Elves.

10000 – Rise of the Dragon Kings campaign begins.

List of Eras
1-3000 – Prehistoric Times
3000-5998 – Reign of the Titans (1 RT – 2998 RT)
6000-8000 – Reign of the Magi (1RM – 2000 RM) (Also known as the Age of Heroes)
8158-9995 – After the Fall (1 AF – 1837 AF)

For humans, the new dating system goes off of Broodan's rise to power:

9995-current – Broodan Empire (1 BE – 5 BE)

The elves still use the AF dating system, as they do not regard Broodan as anything but a tyrant.

The Dwarves have their own dating system.

2000-6000 – The Ancient Times (1 AT – 4000 AT)
6000-8400 – The Independent Ages (1 IA – 2400 IA)
8400-current – Time of Trade (1 TT – 1600 TT)

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