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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Tale of Korso

 So I've been kind of slow in writing this, but I have a backstory for the character I play in my Thursday night game.  I finally got it finished and have decided to share it with you all today.  Please enjoy it and as always leave comments.

The creature was massive and hungry. That was the biggest problem that Korso was facing right now. Well, that and he was supposed to be controlling it. He could almost feel the disapproving stares of his teachers glaring down at him from the observation decks. He could feel the sweat beading on his forehead as he concentrated on maintaining control over the summoned monster.

It was not an easy task, but he knew that he could do it. It was a culmination of almost everything he had learned at the academy. He had spent hours practicing the night before creating the summoning circle and containment spells. He had barely spent any time sleeping, just pouring over his tomes and notes.

Which left him here, tired and barely able to keep his hands steady. But his studying had paid off and the spells held the creature at bay. The time limit to hold the spell passed and Korso sent the creature back to the aether it had been pulled from. He almost fell to a knee after, but he maintained his composure and kept on his feet. The applause from the watching faculty and students was satisfactory to hear.

Hours later, as he sat in his room looking at his packed up books and possessions. Scant though they may be they were precious to him. He rose from his desk chair and was about to put his last few books away when he heard a soft knock and a voice asking, “Korso? Are you in there?” Smiling, Korso put his books down and said, “Yes, Tremier. Come in!” The door opened and a young man entered the room.

He was a sharp contrast to Korso in appearance. Korso was extremely tall and well built. In fact, when he was younger most had thought he was going to go into the military or mercenary work. But his love of books and study had led him into going into the wizarding academy. His hair was black and coarse and he had always been a very withdrawn person. Tremier, however, was almost the stereotypical wizard in appearance. Short and slender, he barely came up to Korso's chest. He had blonde hair and a short, well-trimmed beard.

Tremier moved over to Korso and hugged him tightly. “Congratulations, my friend! I knew you would be able to pass your test.” he said as they kissed briefly. Korso smiled awkwardly and stepped away. “Well, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help in studying.” Tremier laughed and sat down on Korso's bed. He began to fiddle with the clasp on one of Korso's bag and said, “I barely helped. And I couldn't even keep up with you, I passed out long before you. That's probably why you're graduating now and I'm stuck here for another few years.

Korso turned his back to Tremier and frowned. “Yeah...that is unfortunate. About that...” he paused and faced the younger man. “I'm going to have to leave now that I've graduated.” Tremier nodded and said, “Yes, it is unfair. You get to have all kinds of fun and adventures while I'm stuck here training.”
 Korso shook his head. “Yes...all, without you there. It will not be a fun time without you with me, dear.”

He sat down next to Tremier and held his hand tenderly as he tried hard to hold back tears. “I'd rather not be away from you. You are one of the few people who understands me and accepts me.” Tremier smiled and squeezed Korso's hand. “Oh silly. It'll only be a few years and I'll be able to join you in your marvelous adventures and we'll have a great time.” Korso smiled and kissed Tremier again as they lay back on the bed holding each other. As they kissed again, Korso smiled and said, “Alright, just a few years apart.”
Korso could barely hold the letter steady. He had read it several times and just couldn't bring himself to focus on the words scrawled on it. He had been staying for a year now in Brevoy at Skywatch studying the tower's secrets. However, today when he had returned from work that day he had found a letter from the Academy waiting for him at the small room he rented. He now sat staring at the wall, the letter clutched in his hands.

One more time, he raised his shaking hands and re-read the letter in disbelief. It still wasn't sinking in completely. His mind simply stuck at the last part. “There was an explosion in one of the classrooms. Unfortunately, several students were caught in the blast and killed. I know that you and Tremier were close, so I am sad to tell you that he was one of the people killed. It is with regret we must inform you of this and...” the letter continued after that, but Korso simply didn't care.

He rose and folded the letter up and stuck it in one of the pockets in his robes. He left his room and quickly made his way to the tavern. Sitting down at the bar, he gestured to the bartender and said, “Please send me a bottle of wine. No, several bottles.” Shakily depositing some coins on the counter, he takes his bottles back to his room and proceeded to drink them, one after another.
Standing in the crossroads, Korso leaned on his staff and looked down the road. He had heard of a call for men to go out into the Stolen Lands and he had been wandering without focus for too long. After Tremier's death, he had lost himself into drinking and depression. He hadn't bothered to go back to work and had eventually found himself wandering from town to town performing small tricks to earn enough coin to keep himself drunk for another day.

Finally, he had managed to pull himself out of his depression and started working again. However, he couldn't seem to stay focused on anything, he simply wandered from job to job. He finally had heard rumours that the government was wanting to try to settle the wild lands to the south. Maybe this job would finally give him a chance to fully move on. As he made his way down the road, he managed a smile as he tightened the straps on his pack.

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