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Monday, March 12, 2012

Shiny New Toys!

So I created a couple of items for my game.  Some are generic magic items with just a lot of various abilities, but a couple are world specific artifacts or just powerful items that I figured I would share with you all today.

1.  The Sword of Baltor

This item is a +2 Evil Outsider Bane Bastard Sword.  It was used by the famous warrior, Baltor Ephanstie.  He was known for his proficiency in killing demons and devils.  He was also known for founding the Duchy of Ephanstie after saving the life of Korin Marrentrask.  It has been passed down through the family line for generations.  It is currently in the keeping of the current Duke of Ephanstie,
Prandil Kel-Amon.

2.  The Angel's Blade

This item is a +3 Holy Cold Iron Longsword.  It was crafted during the Reign of the Magi and was considered for many years to be a holy relic of the church of Mithrious.  It is said to be the blade that Mortannin himself wielded to stop the evil Lich Demothrax during the War of the Walking Dead.  It is currently being kept in the city of Maltier, in the heavily guarded treasure room of the Hierophant's Palace.

So those were the two items that I am having my players go after to help them fight the rising threat of Ragnos, the Demon King.  However, there were a few other items I wanted them to have that didn't quite fit in the rules.  So I basically created them to fit what I wanted.  If you feel so inclined, feel free to include them in your own games and post a comment if you do!

1.  War-Axe of Vengeance

This War-Axe is a +3 Battle-Axe.  However, 3 times per day the wielder can choose to take an immediate Attack of Opportunity on an opponent that successfully hits him.  This weapon is one of the fabled magic items that were crafted by dwarven smiths and imbued with magic from the titans themselves.  It is ancient and well taken care of by the dwarves that see to it's care.  It is currently in the dwarven capitol of Duisberg in the treasuries of the king.

2.  Chainmail of Choice

This armor is considered +3 chainmail.  It is also considered as light armor.  It essentially functions similar to Celestial Chainmail, except that the wearer must wear the item for one level.  Once they have, the armor changes from simply being +3 chainmail depending on their alignment.  If they are a good alignment, it turns into Celestial Armor.  If they are an evil alignment, it turns into Infernal Armor.  If they are neutral in alignment, it simply stays the +3 chainmail, and is still considered light armor.  The special ability of fly is the same on both the Celestial and Infernal, the armor simply visually looks different depending on the version.  Also, the Celestial version gives the user an appearance of feathered, angel wings while the Infernal version gives the user leathery, bat-like wings when using the fly ability.  It also is currently in the treasure room of the Hierophant's Palace.

3.  Trident of Pain

This weapon is a +3 Trident of Bleed.  I changed the Bleed though so that know on a successful hit the creature takes 2 bleed damage per round until they make a DC 15 Fortitude.  On a critical hit, the bleed damage rises to 5 per round until the wounded makes a DC 25 Fortitude save.  It is rumoured to be lost in the caverns underneath the capitol city of Broodan, Abraxis.

4.  Mixyl's Choice

This is my favorite.  It is an awesome weapon for any follower of Mixyl to obtain and I also made a little dungeon for it that anyone searching for it must go through to obtain the weapon.  It is a +3 short sword, but it has an unusual ability.  On a successful hit against a creature, the DM rolls on the Melee Weapon Special Ability table.  Whatever he rolls, that special ability is used that attack.  This means that if you make three attacks in one round, the DM will need to make a roll on each attack.

Also, followers of Mixyl are able three times per day to have the special ability be considered Anarchic.  This ability lasts for ten minutes and once started is not dismissible.  This ability must be activated before you roll the attack.  It is currently being held by the church of Mixyl, which is located in Cosenza in the Eans Coast.

There you have it folks.  I hope you enjoy the weapons and feel free to use them and let me know what you think.  Happy gaming!


  1. How did you come to create these items? What was the process?

    1. Mainly, it's a blend of story and also trying to make items for specific characters. Like the Holy, Cold Iron, and Evil Outsider Bane stuff is because they are going to be going against a whole lot of Demons soon.

      As for the type of weapons, a lot of the members in my group have iconic/preferred weapons. Assay, the dwarven fighter, uses tridents in combat. So I wanted to give him a special trident that wasn't about water combat (cause most of the default ones are.

      The Bastard Sword is for our human fighter, Jacobi. He also likes using that specific type of weapon and again, just thought it would be fun to give him something cool to use.

      Mixyl's Choice was just me having fun. There was a follower of Mixyl in the party at the time and I thought it would be a fun weapon to have her use. Since Mixyl is the goddess of luck and chance, I thought it appropriate for her church's weapon to encompass that idea of luck and chance by being completely random.

      Honestly, for the most part, I pretty much threw the gold value out of the window in terms of the items being the proper price for the group. I trust that they aren't going to sell the items just for the gold, and even if they did...well, the party would end up paying the penalty for that when it comes time to face the demon hordes.

      Hope that answers your questions! ^_^