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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomb of Horrors Part 7

Here we are folks for another installment of Tomb of Horrors.  On a personal note, I just got the news that I will be able to go back to the local community college and continue towards getting my degree.  Which ultimately may help get me a job that will give me more free time for writing!  So big yays for that!

With the Lich dead and the cave in over, we all headed back to the room where we fought the Lich.  Our DM also took this time to mention that once the Lich died the mace that Sheeve picked up melted away to slag.  So that was fairly useless at this point, so we left it behind.

Meanwhile, we decided to investigate this secret door that Sainrith found.  Turns out it was hidden with an illusion spell and no matter how hard Aegon tried to pick the lock he was unable to succeed.  We all turned to Sainrith to cast a Knock spell, but he decided to instead simply suggest alternative ideas to opening it without using magic.  Which is rather usual for a sorcerer to suggest, but whatever.

Finally Arkhan decided to use one of his special Dragon Shaman abilities and spit acid at it until he could burn his way through the door.  He did it for several minutes and was able to make a small hole in the door, but nothing else.  I decided to cast Dispel Magic on the illusion hiding the door, thinking it might make the door easier for Aegon to pick.  Unfortunately I was unable to beat the caster level, and I had only prepared one Dispel Magic for the day.  Again, Sainrith did not deign to join in on the efforts to open the door, other then suggesting we bash it down.

Between the acid spitting and the other fighter-types bashing at the door, it fell open.  We proceeded down the new hallway and found another door.  This door opened to reveal a rather large alchemical laboratory.  Shelves lined the walls full of jars filled with colorful liquids, along with plenty of workbenches and tables.  Most of the tables had linen wraps and various other items for mummification.  One also had a mummified hand, which I put in my bag after Sainrith cast Detect magic and found it to be the only item in the room that had a magic aura.  Along the south wall three large vats that were 7 ft wide and 4 ft deep were visible.

Aegon began searching the room and found no traps though he did find a secret door in the corner.  Arkhan decided he was going to search the three vats before we left the room however, so he started on the far right and stirred the vats with a pole that he had in his bag.  Nothing happened when he stirred the first two vats, but on the far left vat was different.  The liquid inside of it looked much more viscous then the other two.  Once he tried to stir it, an ooze jumped out and tried to consume him.  He was able to dodge out of the way though.

Arkhan used Knowledge Dungeoneering to identify it as a Gelatinous Cube and that it's attacks used acid.  He quickly switched auras so that we had protection from acid and we all managed to pretty swiftly kill it with ease.  It was about this time that Sainrith decided he did want to do something by sticking his hands into the vat where the Cube had been hiding.  When he did this, another cube quickly engulfed him.  He was not able to dodge the cube.  We tried again to attack and kill the cube, however, we simply kept hitting Sainrith inside the cube.  Theo tried to pull him out of the cube, but was unable to pull him out.

Lightfoot got a similar idea though and decided to try pulling him out.  He was much more successful then Theo and pulled Sainrith out.  However, the cube went pretty quick after that and ended up engulfing both of them.  I would like at this point to add that, ever the professional, Aegon continued to open the secret door and explore the following hallway for traps.  We decided to try hitting for subdual, but we quickly found that subdual damage does nothing to oozes.  So there was a really long combat of us basically beating the hell out of Sainrith and Lightfoot, with Arkhan throwing a makeshift oil bomb onto it to help finish it off.

As the rogue was exploring the hallway, he found that it opened out into a hallway with a large pit full of spikes.  The spikes however were spaced out well enough that he could easily walk around them.  Exploring the bottom of the pit however, he did not see a second trap at the end and he fell down into a pit of tightly clustered spikes, which he ended up impaled upon.  I went along ahead and attempted to help him out.  He ended up helping himself out of the pit and I healed him back up.  Sainrith used his spider climb slippers and Arkhan used his aura that gave him spider climb to get across with a rope.

There was a plan to piton the rope into the wall on one end, then use a grappling hook on the other side and have people use that to cross.  I mentioned that it would be easier to just reset and disarm the trap, then drop down the rope and have people climb up it.  Sheeve climbed down and set the trap so it wouldn't go off and everyone climbed out onto the other side.  Gaudric however did have his animal companion and we weren't sure how to get it across.  Someone finally came up with the idea to have her turn into a dire bat and carry it over, which he did.

Aegon found a secret door and opened it.  It led to a small room with a door.  He opened that and it led into another room.

Another rotting room that looked like it had already been looted.  On the far walls there was two tapestries and a door.  The door opened to a blank wall.  We explored it as much as possible but were unable to find any sort of hidden door or illusion.  As the rogue explored, the room would occasionally rumble and pieces of debris would fall.  Sainrith decided to resummon the invisible servants that he had used before and have them take down the tapestries, at my behest.

As soon as they touched them, however, the tapestries melted and fell onto them destroying them utterly.  Turns out that they were green slimes...nasty.  Well, finally someone cast Detect Magic and we saw that one of the south walls was an illusion.  Which of course was a problem since there was now a large pool of green slime in front of the illusion.  They were able to burn away the slime in front of it and discovered a new tunnel behind the illusion.

This led to a four way intersection that had a pit trap at the center.  Invisible servant stepped onto it and fell down at least more then 60 ft.  Gaudric, still in dire bat form, decided to fly down to investigate.  After flying down 70 ft. it began to feel unnaturally cold and he decided to fly back out.  Aegon reset and disabled the trap and that was where we called it for the night.

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