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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tomb of Horrors Part 6

Alright folks, welcome back to the sixth part of Tomb of Horrors!  We had two new players join up, my old friends Jenna and her girlfriend Shannon.  Also, in other news, we have started a new game up on Sundays as well, a Pathfinder campaign path called Curse of the Crimson Throne.  My girlfriend is joining us, as well as a few other new people.  I'll be starting to include it in the weekly updates.

So our barbarian Tordak died, and Corey decided to roll up a new character.  He went completely different and made a Human paladin named Theo Pendragon III.  I rolled up another cleric, though I went with being human this time.  His name is Albert Farthing.  Dave rolled up another rogue, named Aegon.  Jenna rolled up a Half-elf rogue named Sheeve and Shannon rolled up a Half-elf Druid named Gaudric.

So they left the lava hallway and went back to the entrance.  Once there, we pulled the new players and our replacement characters.  Once back, we decided to explore the secret door down the pit.  Once opened, we found a stairway leading down into a hallway filled with a shallow white mist.  I cast detect magic and discovered that it was magic and the school was conjuration.  On the left, there was a door.

Sainrith gave me the gem of true seeing and I looked down the hallway with it.  I saw nothing other then the floor.  Gaudric then had the idea of summoning a creature in the mist and see what happened.  He then summoned a dire rat at the far end of the hallway.  Once it materialized in the mists, it started scabbering up the wall, then ran out of the mist trailing blood down the hallway screeching in pain.

So we decided we didn't want to mess with the fog.  Arkhan was able to give himself spider climbing and he crawled over to the door.  Once there he decided to yell back to our rogues for advice on how to check for traps.  Yes, that is right...our Dragon Shaman yells back, "Hey, so what should I look for to find some traps?"  Our rogues looked at each other then yelled back, "It's cool, just open it!"

He attempted to search around for traps and didn't find anything.  So he opened the door.  I was hoping for something along the lines of poison melting his face off, but instead there was no traps.  It opened up into a hallway leading down.  It was thick with choking webs, and we couldn't see very far down it.  He tried throwing a lit torch down the hallway, and it simply got caught in the first five foot square and fell down.  Gaudric cast Spider Climb on herself and followed Arkhan to the doorway.  He cast Flaming Sphere and sent it rolling down the hallway, clearing all the webbing out.

This revealed another room with a mace at the foot of the stairs.  The room had lots of rotting furniture except for a golden couch which had a humanoid wrapped in cloth wearing a crown.  There was also a jade chest at the foot of the couch.

Meanwhile, I used my slippers to cross over to the doorway while Sheeve used her Boots of Levitation to cross over.  Sainrith also crossed over with his slippers as well.  From the doorway I cast Detect Magic and I saw that the mace was magic (transmutation).  The body also had several things glowing with magic; an abjuration ring, abjuration bracers and an abjuration cloak.  The coffer also glowed with faint conjuration.

At this time, Sheeve entered the room to check for traps.  However, as soon as she entered the body stood up and cried out, "Who dares disturb Acererak's rest?  You have found death!"  He cast a spell at Sheeve, and Gaudric was able to identify it as a Disintegrate spell.  She luckily made her will save though so she didn't turn into a pile of dust. 

After that, Sainrith started preparing counterspells...cause holy crap Disintegrates.  I used Knowledge Religion to find out that the creature was a Lich.  I also found out that it was turn resistant, had DR 15/bludgeoning and magic and was immune to cold and electricity.

The rest of the party that didn't have flying or spider climb methods crossed the fog by holding their breathes and running across.  I cast Deific Vengeance on him, which burned him pretty well.  Once the Lich had a few spells countered by Sainrith, he decided to use a quickened invisibility then teleport away.  Once he was away, Sheeve picked up the mace and it started glowing vibrantly.  The rogues starting searching the room again, while Sainrith kept an eye out for the Lich.  He saw the fog swirling near the entrance, and called out a warning right about the time that the Lich reappeared and cast an Ice Storm on the entire party.

After that, the melee ran up to him and started attacking him by holding their breathes.  I also put Holy Sword on Theo's sword, which in hind sight I should have just put on my mace and ran up to attack since the sword doesn't bypass the damage reduction.  Foolish me.  Well, while we are running up to deal with the Lich, Aegon continues searching the room.  When we called him on it, Dave said, "I'm a professional.  I don't get distracted."

Well, we took down the Lich.  However, as soon as we killed him the room started shaking and hunks began to fall from the ceiling.  Everyone started fleeing away towards the entrance, however Sainrith held back to cast Detect Secret Doors.  I assumed he had a plan so I hung back.  He found no secret doors and pulled out the gem of true seeing to see if there was anything else to assist us escaping.  He found nothing with it, however.

Meanwhile, everyone else was tearing away to try and escape.  The monk was easily running away being super fast.  Gaudric also turned into a bat and flew away to escape.  They were the only ones to get out.  The entire dungeon collapsed, killing us all...if it hadn't been a illusion.  After a few rounds, the cave-in disappeared and we found out that Sainrith actually found a secret door at the top of the stairs of the room.

And that was it for this session.  It was pretty short, though that was due to people rolling up new characters.  Hopefully, we are coming up on the end soon.

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