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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Denith Charthagnion, a background

 Here is the background for the character I'm going to start playing in the Sunday campaign, The Curse of the Crimson Throne.  Tomorrow I'll be putting up the background for my girlfriends character.  I'm very curious to see where this character's personality will go, as for now he is really a bit of a jerk.

“Blood and honor.”

Since he was a child, Denith has heard that phrase. By his father and mother, by his older brothers and even the servants have taught him what it means to be a Charthagnion. Since almost the formation of the town of Khorvosa, the Charthagnions were here. Shrewd business sense has served them well for many generations, each one gathering more wealth, power and influence then the previous. Until this generation, that is.

His father had been the beginning of the decline. At the time, investing heavily in Chelaxian trade goods seemed a good plan. The people of Korvosa were excitedly awaiting the return of the Sable Company Marine envoy and business was doing well. Then the envoy returned with the news that Chelax couldn't be bothered with Korvosa. When the looting and destruction started back up again, his shops were some of the first destroyed in retaliation.

As Chelaxian fashion swiftly fell out of favor with the nobles and people of Korvosa, so did the families influence and wealth it seemed. Where once nobles had lined up for the privilege of using Charthagnion goods and services, now the name was a pariah socially. Rumors flew around that Charthagnion's opposed the new monarchy and were dissenters. As business swiftly dried up, Denith's father began selling land and business fronts to pay for the increasing debts he was incurring. When he died of a stroke at 50, his eldest son took over and continued the tradition.

There may have been a time that he could have turned the business around, if not for their mother Aula. She refused to accept the loss of wealth and status. Putting on lavish balls and attending many other social events throughout the city, she was a constant drain on a bank account that was already hurting. Many attempts were made to marry one of her sons off to some of the other wealthier families, but none would have anything to do with such a fallen from grace family.

Most of his siblings went off to find their own fortune. One brother left for Magnamar to start a business there, though no one in the family speaks of him anymore because of that. A sister became addicted to drugs and disappeared into Old Dock never to be heard of or seen from again. The family swiftly was spiraling into disgrace and had no means to stop it.

And in all these miserable happenings, Denith was last. A quiet and studious boy, he however had a harsh and grating personality. The baby of the family, Aula shielded him from the reality of their decline and propped him up with stories of their prestige and wealth. Denith took it to heart and refused to accept anything less then royal treatment from anyone. Pampered and spoiled, he was quite shocked when his mother died to find out from his eldest brother that there simply wasn't any money left.

His brother told him that he was starting over, he had managed to marry into a family of merchants. The new money family was interested in the old money name and he was interested in putting forth new business ventures under their family name. The name Charthagnion would soon be all but forgotten by Korvosa and the sooner that Denith found himself a place outside of the home the better. His last sight of his old home as he rode off in a carriage was of his brother handing the deed over to another man. Anger burned in Denith's heart, but he knew there was nothing he could do to change it.

The last parting gift his brother could give to him was a fully paid ride at the Acadamae. Once enrolled, Denith swiftly took to the art of Conjuration, managing to summon creatures as if it was a second nature to him. He made no friends at school though. He was content to spend all his spare time studying in the library. His personality only worsened due to his time at the Acadamae, he grew more taciturn and sullen towards others, taking offense at the smallest slights and challenging anyone who dared to “impugn” his families honor.

He graduated in time, placing well in his class. However, once graduated, you needed to find your way in the world and the only thing he was really good at was summoning. That and creating minor magical items. He apprenticed for a short time with a mage who specialized in crafting magic items and proved quite adept at helping his master. However, he didn't last long at that job, nor at any other really due to his pride. “A Charthagnian does not need to sully himself with such menial labor.” was a common phrase he would say, usually followed by, “Do you know who my father is?”

Which is why he finds himself here, at a tavern drinking away his depression and wondering where he is going to be able to go next. “Blood and honor”, he mutters as he runs his finger around the rim of the mug he is drinking from. There is an elven girl telling a tale up on the stage, but he finds himself more annoyed with her then anything else. There are a few other people who catch his eye, one of which being a girl wearing the training uniform of a Sable Company Marine. She seems to be drinking with a young man, though he seems to be doing all the talking while she sits and watches the bard on stage.

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