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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomb of Horrors Part 4

Alright, this upcoming Friday there will be no game due to the DM having a friend from out of town visiting.  Yet, today, I will still give you something to read from last Friday.  Now I will warn you folks with more tender sensibilities that some of this may be considered NSFW, so if you don't like that sort of thing...well, too bad cause I thought this last session was absolutely hilarious.

 So when we last left off the party was feeling a bit drained by the poison and by the Con draining swarm.  We decided to cast Rope Trick and call it a night after myself and Tindell (our mages cohort) cast restorations on people who needed them.  We called watches and went to sleep.  At second watch, we were all woken up by our rogue Ophelia screaming something about Lightfoot killing Nord and trying to rape her.

Well, she drops down out of the Rope Trick and flees away.  Waking up, we look down and see the dead corpse of our recently resurrected friend Nord.

Goddamn it...alright, fine let's just move on and figure this out.  So Lightfoot (our rapist monk now) chases after Ophelia into the tunnel.  Which prompted myself and Torak to follow.  I kept telling Lightfoot to back off and let me handle it, but he wouldn't.  He kept insisting that she was the one that had killed Nord and he was innocent of raping her.

Well, he manages to grab her but she slips away.  However, there is a bend in the tunnel and Lightfoot and Ophelia get around it.  The next thing that myself and Torak see is Lightfoot standing over Ophelia messing with his junk.

This would be about Ophelia's reaction.
So I step up and give him a lecture on the appropriateness of displaying your "purple worm" to others who don't want to see it.  Again, all as Foghorn Leghorn...which had the table rolling in laughter.  Torak escorted Lightfoot away and I comforted Ophelia.

We get back and inspect the body (by inspect I mean we picked it clean of all gear and loot.  We also saw that he was killed by a slit throat.  Ophelia insisted that it was a monster with two swords that killed him that appeared out of the misty archway.  She woke Nord up and he jumped out of the Rope Trick and was killed.  Ophelia went down after the monster left to rescue his body and that was when Lightfoot woke up and attempted to rape her.

We let it go and tied a rope around the naked corpse of Nord and tossed him through the misty archway.  The rope came back with no body.  We then slept the rest of the night and when we awoke Ophelia then decided to continue exploring the pews.  We found a lot of gold and loot, but we also found another strength drain trap.  Most were able to resist it this time however and we decided to tackle the last unexplored path, the red orb tunnel.

We went back and entered the hallway, only to find that it led to the room with the three chests.  With our old pal still waiting around.

This time, a few more people got to get a look at it and make some knowledge checks.  Along with me casting a spell and seeing that it was completely immune to it, we figured out that it was a Bone Golem.  Fun times, right?  Torak and I set it up so that he could just rage and beat away at it while I kept him healed.  So we finally killed it and were able to loot the room.  We found a crystal box with a magic ring inside of it.

Now at this point, we were at a bit of an impasse.  We sat and thought about the clues we had been given and tried to figure out where to go next.  The only real doorways we hadn't explored yet was the misty archways.  Also thinking about the puzzle I noticed that it mentioned something about two falls might be useful, so I cast "Detect Magic" and my minion cast "Detect Secret Door" and we both looked into the pits. We didn't find much other then a pair of magic goggles radiating faint transmutation.  This was the time that the guy who played Nord created his new character a Dragon Shaman named Arkon Cantis.

So we were left back with the archways.  I decided to test the gems by pressing them in sequences of three.  The first one was Blue, Yellow and Orange.  I pressed them in various sequences of three (ie Blue/Yellow/Orange, Blue/Orange/Yellow, etc.)  Yellow/Blue/Orange was the one that got the archway to turn off the mist.  We stepped through and it teleported us to the room with the three-armed gargoyle.  Which was exciting in a way cause it meant that we kind of figured out at least one of the puzzles of this stupid dungeon.

However, testing the next archway in the same manner led to no results.  Sainrith cast Dispel Magic on the archway, which got rid of the mist and revealed a blank wall behind it.  Ophelia stepped up to inspect it for secret doors but it reactivated while she was standing there and she disappeared.  We began searching for her and eventually found her back in the original hallway.  She was hiding in a side room, crying and naked.  Apparently it had teleported her to the entrance, minus all her gear.  I gave her my jacket and my cohort gave her his cloak which she turned into a makeshift dress.

We then headed to the altar room and explore the archway there some more.  Again, the sequence didn't work, so Sainrith cast Dispel Magic again revealing this time a 10x10 room.  Ophelia once again decided to explore it and again the mist reappeared while she was behind it.  We decided to go back to the entrance and this time found a dude wearing Ophelia's makeshift clothing.  He was all freaked out and grabbed me saying that he could take me to Ophelia.

I followed him into the destroyed lab and while I was looking at the room she stole one of my weapons and attacked me with it.  From there, I started to feel something trying to take over my mind.  After a few rounds of Ophelia trying to hit me and failing I noticed a brain in a jar in the room.

At this point a lot of jokes were made about a floating brain in a jar...the least of which being this:

Mother Brain's gonna get you, Princess!

I led her out and about this time the rest of the party was catching up.  My cohort cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter, but Ophelia resisted it.  I told him to try again and ran into the room to destroy the brain in a jar.  The second time she was unable to save and fell to the ground laughing hysterically.

Myself and the new character, Arkon, was able to destroy the brain and free her mind from it's control.  She admitted to killing Nord, lying about Lightfoot attempting to rape her and attempted to steal my dagger and kill herself.  However, Lightfoot got in an attack and used his Stunning Fist ability to stop her.  I took my dagger back and she recovered.

We called it a night here, though our DM was quick to point out we should have let the rogue die so that the player could reroll another rogue with new gear.  Oh well, such is life.  And so ends another day in the Tomb of Horrors.

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  1. Hey now, I said Dave would have probably preferred to die, I didn't say he should have died. It was a very entertaining session though.