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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Links to the awesomeness of the internet!

So occasionally I am going to dump out links to things that I find awesome on the internet.  Hopefully, you as well will enjoy it and if not, I'll usually try to accompany it with an original content post as well.

To all of you out there who are Doctor Who fans, I know I am, today's deal on Thwipster is pretty damn cool.  For future generations who look back and ask yourself "WTF?" (due to the nature of the website this is on, by tomorrow it will be some different product.) it's an alarm clock.

But not just an ordinary projection alarm clock...this one will try to EXTERMINATE you if you push snooze too much:


Yeah, it's pretty awesome and a good deal for today.  They even list it's features (and yes, it yelling out "Exterminate!" is one of the alarm settings):

Next we have this video that I thoroughly enjoyed for a couple reasons.  I will warn you now, it is definitely NSFW (not that I care...but you might).  Mostly just for profanity though, so it's cool.  Tell your boss I said it was cool, they'll take my word on it.  I love it mostly because this was the first Zelda game I really played the hell out of.  I found almost all of the little hidden things in this game by the end of my time playing it.  It also was on the Super Nintendo (I'll someday regale you guys with why I feel that the SNES was the golden age of video games and it's been all downhill since then).

Did you watch it?  Enjoy it?  The end is the part that makes me giggle the most.  Thanks to Topless Robot for original posting.  If you are interested in watching the first part, it's on the guys website The Amazing Brando.

This also cropped up recently and I'm enjoying it immensely:

Cause, you know...Dungeons and Dragons is kind of that thing I do...all the time.

Well, that's about it for today, I'm still trying to find my stride as far as posting stuff here.  Sorry for the lack of content recently, there was no game last week and I have been very lazy.  I have, however, administered punishment and will try to keep posting.

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